Rock Your Talk Class with Kristin
5 Steps to Turn Your Personality & Expertise into a Talk with Big Impact & Big Paydays
Your talk can turn total strangers, into happy paying customers. Doesn't matter if you speak in small rooms in your hometown...
or on big stages at live events.
I'll even share exactly how I went from $30K part-time to generating over a million... with one simple & totally imperfect talk.
Join me live and I'll personally walk you through all 5 steps of the Rock Your Talk Program with a deeper focus on...
How to Craft a Rockin Talk
I'll help you turn the stuff you know into a signature system & talk that will get you highly visible and known (even if you're not famous & don't have purple hair) .
Turn Strangers into Happy Clients
Next I'll show you how to walk into a room of total strangers... and deliver a talk that creates instant affinity, big impact, & hot leads and paying clients in hand.
How Even Free Speaking Gigs Pay Big
Your talk can become a new revenue generating machine for your business. We'll create a rockin revenue roadmap you can follow straight to the bank.

Limited to 100 with Kristin

There is limited space available for this interactive class, so reserve your seat.

Kristin Thompson

Founder of SpeakServeGrow
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