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"Start Me Up with Speaking" Annual Membership ($8150.00 Value)
  • Access to all Speak Serve Grow Training Products ($2500.00)
    Command Any Room, Event profit machine, Workshop-a-Palooza, Rock Your talk & Profit from Home, and Rock Your Talk with Memory Power.
  • The SpeakServeGrow Facebook group $500.00
    Network with other rock stars and ask Kristin for help along the way as you begin rising up and rocking more talks, products, and events.

  • Bonuses with every program: $5000.00
    Take the short cut when you use our rockin talk template, booking script, event & sponsorship checklists, sample order forms, referral forms, videos, and surprise bonuses too! 

    Join Kristin live for a revamped version of the flagship program that started it all!
"Rock Your Talk & Biz” Club Annual Membership (Value $37,200.00)
Your Monthly Coaching, Training & Support System Includes:

Live Weekly training, coaching & support from Kristin $24,000.00

Take a giant leap forward in your business with weekly access to support and training.

Week 1: Rock Your Talk Coaching Call ($6,000.00)

Week 2: Group Training Call ($6,000.00)

Week 3: Rock Your Biz Coaching Call ($6,000.00)|

Week 4: Presentation ”Profit Seats” Call ($6,000.00)
  • Access to the Entire RYTB CLUB Training Library for instant access to hot training topics when you need them most. Includes: Product Creation, List Building, Closing the Room, Workshop Profits and more.
  • The "Craft It" 3-hour virtual workshop that takes you step-by-step thought the talk creation process from your interactive open, to a comfortable close.
  • Access to the Entire Rise Live Event On Demand Videos. Rock Your Talk. Get The Gigs. Close the Room. And Be Seen on more Platforms. Its all waiting for you at The Rise.
Bonus #1 Rock Star Expert Guest Trainers 

Rock Star Expert Guest Trainers
(Value $5000.00)

Top experts will not only lead an in-depth training, but they’ll answer your q’s in the Facebook Group too for big breakthroughs on today’s hottest topics. 
Bonus #2 Ticket to the Rise Live Event

Ticket to the Rise Live Event
(Value $500.00)

Join Kristin & friends live for 3 Days of Power-Packed Training and return to celebrate your results.
Bonus #3 Virtual Training Intensives

Virtual Training Intensives
(Value $3000.00)

December - Rock Your Year Full Day Planning Session

This power-packed, virtual, full-day workshop will guide you through creating the roadmap to your best year yet.

May - Rock It Online Marketing Sales Explosion
We'll talk about the secret behind creating hot opt in pages that grow your list, how to rock out interactive and engaging live webinars that can bring in BIG pay days, all while you hang in your jammies.
Bonus #4 LIVE Training Intensive 

LIVE Training Intensive 
(Value $10,000.00)

February: Rock Your Talk & Get More Clients

Create or revamp your rockin talk on day one, understand the structure that sells, and then turn on your client-getting machine.

August: The Up Level - How to Grow Your Brand, Team & Biz
I'll reveal the simple secrets behind hot opt-in pages & FB ads that grow your list, plus how to rock out interactive webinars that can bring in BIG pay days, all while you hang in your jammies.
Total Value $49,850.00
"I'm fully booked with
10K months!"
Chelsey Marie
"Holy Shit! My 1st month of nearly $70,000! 
Just do what Kristin says. Period."
Mary Bicknell
"Within 6 weeks of working with Kristin I hosted
first workshop &
made over $39,000.00."
Jeannie Spiro
"I was at a big fat zero...and now I've generated $44,000 in four months!"
Kat Kim
"My sales in August were $19369.68!"
Sandy Rees
"I taught a local workshop and closed 6 VIP Days.  My monthly income grew from $2,000 to over $15,000."
Megan Huber
  • COMMAND ANY ROOM 2.0 COMING IN 2016 ($2000.00)
Is the Rock Your Talk & Biz Club right for me?
We find two groups of people benefit from this program.

1) You do not currently have a coach or mentor and you are fired up & ready to have the support and training to help you turn your mission and message into a profitable business you love.

2) You have a coach of some kind, and are looking to add specialized training in messaging, speaking, sales, and rapid business growth.

Either way, clients who excel in this program are motivated, solution-oriented, and willing to invest in business growth. You are also driven to package your expertise into a profitable business you love and willing to leap over obstacles along the way.

You want to share your message with the world, start speaking or up-level your current results, get highly visible, and are ready to breakthrough to a more leveraged six-figure business.

In order to assure your best results, this program like any other requires a commitment on your part, to dive into the training modules, apply what you learn, and reach out for coaching and support when you need it. 
When does the RYT&BC NOT work for people?
I'll be the first one to tell you that this program isn't for everyone. It isn't for whiners, consistent complainers, or skeptics. Its not for you if you tend to make excuses, point fingers or blame others for your results. Here's the deal... I have never blamed anyone for my mis-steps, and I've taken the bull by the horns when I've needed to in order to get results. I expect the same from you.

That said, the Rock Your Talk and Biz Club is a place where you can be honest, ask any questions (big or small), admit your missteps, and get back on track when you need to. So I am not asking for perfection, but I am asking for your commitment to progress, and a total commitment to taking responsibility for yourself.

I am committed to giving you the no holds barred training you crave and need. I don't hold back the good stuff. I don't teach one thing, and hide what I really do to get results. I give you the real deal. I'll encourage you, support you, and kick you in the booty when you need it too! However I will not tolerate a bad attitude, whiner, or complainer. My time, my joy, and business are far to valuable to be subjected to that--- and I won't subject my clients to it either.

It is in the best interest of all parties that we only let those people are ready to rock into this program. (remember a rising tide lifts all ships)
What if I don't have any idea what kind of business I want to start?
If you have no idea what kind of business you want to start, this is not the right program for you. If on the other hand you know what you want to do, but you don't have it all packaged up, named, and ready to rock, that's 100% okay, and you are 100% okay to join the program.

We can support you and you'll have the benefit of building your business with the right message, packages, programs, & talk right out of the gate.

Most of our clients are purpose driven entrepreneurs who feel called to serve in the way they do, and need help with the marketing, promotion and sales elements in order to make it profitable. If this is you, we can help! 
If I am not a coach, can I still join this program?
Its true that many of our clients are coaches, authors, and experts of some kind. However some are corporate consultants. Some have brick and mortar businesses, and others have online businesses. The only requirement is that you have a message to share, and a desire to grow your visibility, your reach, and your profitability.

Our program will help you become the stand-out, go-to expert in your field and confidently talk about what you do in a way that converts so that you can sell more products, programs, coaching, consulting, workshop tickets... the list of what you can offer is endless.
When does this program start?
Your Orientation Training is available instantly!

Go ahead and enroll in the program today. You will get immediate access to the memberships site, the Rock Your Talk & Biz private Facebook Group. Plus I'll give you immediate access to two BONUS Profit Planning Sessions so that you can create your profit plan for the rest of the year.

Each month you get one new live training and a live Q&A Coaching Call so that I can help you get unstuck, and create your next steps.
How does the RYT&BC membership site work? I'm not a super-techy.... will I be able to keep up?
The first thing to do is add all of the calls to your calendar.

As soon as you enroll, you will receive your very own private username and password for accessing the private membership site.

You will see that the first thing to do is PROFIT PLANNING. The second thing to do is to go through the Start Me UP with Speaking training modules.

From there you simply access each month's live training module & Q&A Call, or visit the library for instant access to training topics any time you want it.

You will see that you have instant access to a year's worth of training topics, so that you can access what you need, when you need it.

You can also download any training module to any of your preferred devices (computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone, or whatever you prefer.)

And if you have any technical problems or issues, our Speak Serve Grow Support Team is available to assist you by phone or email within 24 hours of your submitted support request.
How much time will I need to commit to this program?
The program content itself gives you a live coaching or training call each week.
Week One: Group Coaching Call
Week Two: Group Training Call
Week Three: Group Coaching Call
Week Four: Presentation Profit Makeover

However, as mentioned you have access to many hours of training and the ability to ask questions in the Facebook group, should you choose to do more.

More important then the time you spend training, is what you choose to do with it. So the most important part of this program (in my humble opinion) is showing up to the Q&A call or asking questions in the Facebook group so that you know the step(s) you need to take each month towards your goal.
Is this one of those huge 100 person groups?
This program is not a 100 person group. Its a fairly intimate group of like minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sharing their message, getting known, having an impact, and growing their revenue. You will NOT be a nameless faceless person I don't know.

You can rest easy knowing that you WILL be able to ask me questions on the calls and I will know who you are. Many of my Rise Masterminders have graduated up through this program and they know me well (and vice versa) because of the relationship we built beginning right here in the RYT&BC.
I think I might want to implement the information I've learned so far on my own before I get started... Is this the right thing to do?
Absolutely not a good idea. (told you I'm a straight shooter) LOL.

I get why you might think that, but understand that if you could do it on your own, you would have. I am exactly where I am today, because I invested in a mentor so that I could finally break six figures. And I still have a mentor today.

Mentors are not always about getting MORE information. Its about having someone in your corner. Its about having someone call you out on your b.s. (yes we all have it!). Its about getting unstuck and staying focused on the right things, at the right time. And its about someone holding space for you to step into the biggest version of you and your business. 
I'm already in another program right now. What should I do?
If you are currently working with a coach or mentor or you belong to a mastermind group, congratulations! Many of our clients have joined the RYT&BC while already in other programs. Different coaches bring different strengths and different focuses. So its a great idea to layer in what you need, when you need it. Waiting to get what you need to move you forward, will only delay your results.

If you already know you want to package your personality and your expertise into a message, talk, and business that generates six figures+, then why in the world would you want to wait? Jump in and let's get rockin. Even in my own business I have invested in several mentors during the course of a single year. Its really about getting the right mix of support you need to get where you want to go.

So grab the bull by the horns, and get rockin!
This is the right program for me, but I'm not sure I can afford it right now...
Here's what I can share with you. The first coaching program I joined was $10,000. Plus I invested in an event sponsorship that year that was another $15,000. That $25K Investment in a business that was making next to nothing. Sound crazy? Not so crazy, because I was looking at the long-term goal. I was investing for the 5 year plan.

That investment helped me take my business from $40K to $175,000 (and then on to $375,000.00). Not such a bad investment then was it?

Here's what I suggest my clients do, and it is what I do as well. Don't ask what a program costs. Ask yourself what you can earn when you implement and apply what it gives you. If you can double your investment would it be worth it? What if you could triple it? More?

If investing $700 per month will bring hardship to you or your family, then it might not be a good idea and frankly you might be better suited to get a job, because investing is simply part of running a business.

Maybe the monthly investment just feels like a stretch. You can use that stretch to motivate you. Everything great thing I have done in my business has been a scary stretch.

Many people have earned $5K from delivering just one solid talk. That's selling 10 people a $500 entry level product or program. So there is the potential to recoup your investment many, many times over should you apply what you learn.

I want to enroll but I'm not so sure my spouse is going to be cool with it. What should I do?
Its not uncommon for a spouse or partner to feel skeptical or scared about your investment. Its understandable given that they might not know much or anything about the program. Given where your business is at, they might not be super trusting of you right now. Its not uncommon.

In my experience, when you commit fully to getting the results, and recouping your investment at any cost, you will earn the trust back. You will earn the trust back with your actions.

Here's are few ideas to help support you in the conversation with your spouse:
1) share the specific components of the program 2) share the specific challenges that they program solves for you 3) what makes it different from other programs you've experienced i.e. weekly accountability, small group size, direct access to Kristin, and specific focus on rapid business growth through speaking your message. 4) the real results that other regular people have received as a result of our training programs.

And lastly be sure to explain exactly how you can recoup your investment. Explain what could you do to earn the $700 per month to cover your investment (1 new private client? 2 workshop tickets? 2 home study systems?) and explain what is the potential earning power you'll have as a result of this training (certainly you can earn well beyond the investment of this program). 
How do I get direct access to Kristin?
You have direct access to Kristin on each of the weekly calls. Every call is recorded and available for download. All live coaching is done via our group calls. This is a group-learning environment. You also have the ability to ask questions in the private facebook group, and can get support, coaching, and accountability there too. 
Kristin, I've joined other programs in the past that were a great sales pitch, with no real actionable content waiting on the other side. Is this program another one of those, or it this program for real?
Here's what I can tell you, if you apply yourself, this program will work. If I am known for anything, I am known for delivering easy-to-understand, step-by-step, kick-ass content. Heck many people say my free trainings run circles around other programs they've paid for.

I'm known for telling the real story, pulling back the curtain, and giving you the real answers to your questions. You will get monthly training. You will get an entire library of training you can access any time. You'll have a Facebook group. Start Me Up with Speaking Club. We're bringing you the big guns here.

That said, no program on earth would work if you don't apply yourself to it. There is no magic pill, and I can't do the work for you. But if your heart is in it, you take responsibility for your results and you're ready to start really taking your business to the next level. Absolutely join!

If you're going to hold one foot out the door, not really do the work, and hope I'll somehow step in and make it happen for you.... do us both a favor and just pass.
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