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Here are some important dates:
Program Start Date: Wednesday, August 17th
Group Mentoring Calls: August 31st and September 14th
The Rise Live Event: October 13th-15th in San Diego, CA
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The Rock Your Talk Program

Kristin gives you the 5 keys that combine your personality & expertise into one rockin talk that will generate big impact & big paydays. Your program includes: Rock Your Brand, Rock Your System, Rock Your Talk, Rock Your Room & Rock Your Revenue  More details available at
 VALUE: $997.00

Get More Gigs

Enjoy Kristin’s “30 Gigs in 30 Days!” speaking gig system so that you’ll know exactly how to approach event organizers, what to say, and why… so you can start booking your calendar with high-visibility speaking gigs right away! Any one with a message can get gigs immediately… so let’s get rockin!.
VALUE: $997.00

Rock Your 6-Figure Product

Follow our simple system for creating your own six-figure product or program you can sell at the end of your talk, whether you’re speaking online or live on stage.

This course shows you how to turn your system into a program, and promote it, so you can generate big pays, even while you’re at hanging at home in your pajamas.
Value $597.00

Rock Your Talk with Memory Power

Doesn’t matter if you feel like your memory is great, or not-so-hot… either way you’ll easily learn how to memorize the points of your talk so you know it forwards, backwards, in and out of order. 

Now you can drop your notes, connect with your audience, and focus on delivering a great talk…. rather than worrying about what you’re supposed to say next. When you know your talk that well... you'll be ready to rock your talk, comfortably connect with your audience, and close the room with confidence.
Value $597.00

4 VIP Tickets to the Rise Live Event

Join Kristin and her amazing friends and clients, for 3-days of live training that will help you learn how to rock your brand, talk, and revenue to new levels. Few things are better for your biz than a few days, in a beautiful location, totally focused on YOU, your goals, your dreams for your business.

You’ll get to network with amazing people. Meet Kristin in person. Have a rip-roaring good time. Meet new promotional partners, Book new interviews & speaking gigs, hone your talk, rock your close, and more!
Value $2000.00

2 Customization & Group Mentoring Calls

And to help you customize the strategies for your business, give answers to your most burning questions, and clarity when you need it most….
Kristin will host two Live, Rock Your Talk Group Customization & Mentoring Sessions to support you personally along the way.
Value $1000.00

Access to an Exclusive Group of Entrepreneurs

Join the ROCK YOUR TALK PROGRAM  and gain ACCESS TO KRISTIN & AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP OF ENTREPRENEURS. Ask questions, get answers, and get support along the way, direct from Kristin & other rock stars on the journey with you.
Value $500.00
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